Addictions can take over our lives and start to impede on a happy life. You can end up feeling trapped or unable to cope without your high or buzz from your addiction be it smoking, gambling, drinking and many more.

This can destroy lives and change them in ways that are heart-breaking and with help avoidable.

How we go about our lives day to day is essentially a string of habits. Habits contribute to our routines our body shape and even our success. So it would make sense to have positive habits. Over time we can develop some not so useful habits such as binge eating or drinking, smoking, laziness and many more. Our habits in doing and thinking greatly influence our life and it can be scary trying to change a habit or getting into a new habit but it IS possible. Not only is it possible but taking that first step and allowing yourself to step out your comfort zone and allow that change it can happen faster than you think!

For habit breaking I look at “TLC”. My “TLC” is:

  • Trigger
  • Learned behaviour
  • Claim prize

For example the Trigger may be having your lunch, the learned behaviour smoking after eating, and the Claim prize being the cigarette.

I look at breaking your routine and resetting you from the negative habit. The only replacing done is installing the new positive intentions within you. Hypnotherapy and NLP can both be used to maximise results. Free yourself from your bad habits and get the lifestyle you want today.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – ARISTOTLE


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