Anxiety can be torture to live with. We can work ourselves up into some states with anxiety constantly worrying about the future, the past, our families, our own decisions and the list goes on.

If you are ready to make that change and live a positive happy life we can start the journey today and you will be surprised at how quick change really can happen.

Stress can play out in many ways caused by a variety of things. Fears can stress you out and set you into fight or flight mode or it can be from stresses in your life juggling too much around and not finding that balance. Stress is very bad for the health and can even be a killer. The sub conscious is always trying to protect us and it may just need a prompt to ‘let go’ of the issue or’ habbit change’.

I can tailor a session after a consultation with you to fit your needs and work with you to let go of your stress and re-find a calmer more balanced you. It is very personal to you and is not a one size fits all situation. This could all be carried out in as little as one session.

I offer free consultations so we can explore your options and have a chat – Where do you want to be? How can we work together to get you there?

All sessions are private and held at Karmic-wellbeing or over Skype if this is more suitable for you.


Contact me, Vivienne, to have a wee chat and go through the best options available for you. I will try my very best to help you whatever the issue.