Insomnia is on the rise and I am not surprised with the stresses of daily life these days.Insomnia can be triggered from many sources including stress and worrying, depression, shift work and irregular sleeping patterns, poor diet and pain ranging from bodily aches and pains to chronic pain. Body and hormonal changes can bring on insomnia from hot flushes to urinary issues in the night disrupting sleeping patterns.

In all these cases help is available.

Hypnotherapy has had fast and effective results for insomniacs. This on top of small changes to your bedtime routine if necessary will get the optimum results. Cutting out caffeine late at night, exercising late, have a hot bath to promote sleep and ensure your room has dark curtains or blinds all help. Having a bed time routine to promote sleep makes complete sense but you may also need to look at your daily routines and habits! Do you exercise? Is your diet healthy? Is your daytime concentration levels affected? The vicious circle that tiredness creates can drag us down to the depths of more worrying and stress leaving the body out of homesostasis and your health will ultimately suffer.

Hypnotherapy is very relaxing and can help get you get to the root of the problem that is disturbing your sleep. This may be a tool for the quick fix you have been looking for. Chronic Insomnia will most definitely have underlying issues and these need addressed immediately. Hypnotherapy will relax and unwind you helping you get to the underlying issue in a safe environment and this could help you wave goodbye to your sleepless nights and make them a thing of the past.

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