We are all involved in many relationships in our life, family relationships, friend relationships and of course relationships when you meet your partner or soul mate. Relationships are fantastic and can really shape your life.

Sometimes relationships can take a turn in the wrong direction and brake down.

If you are currently struggling with a relationship in your life I can offer assistance. We all mean well and no one sets out to make life difficult. I can help you explore and get to the root of the problem and this can be done in shorter time than you think! I have worked and trained with some amazing people and I have seen and experienced this shift for myself. Whether you are looking for that new relationship or wanting to save what you already have I can help you.

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. When you love and value yourself everything else will fall into place.

The techniques I use will relax and empower you. Positive change can happen quickly. Everyone at one time or another experiences difficult relationship issues in their life so do not be so hard on yourself. Relationships are not all a bed of roses but having and finding the right ones can really enhance your world. The cutting edge techniques I use can help you get the change you want.


Contact me, Vivienne, to have a wee chat and go through the best options available for you. I will try my very best to help you whatever the issue.