This is a very popular form of massage and works all eleven systems of the body and has great health benefits. Your skin and muscle tone will be improved, your circulation boosted and your body will work more efficiently expelling waste and leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This service for the body is a must and is an excellent treatment in many health conditions giving pain relief and encouraging the body to work to its full potential encouraging equilibrium and a sense of wellbeing.


Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate pamper experience. I use heated basalt stones which have healing properties to massage the body assist with pain relief and melts away stress. The Hot Stones allow the massage to be slightly deeper. This massage leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated soothing the mind body and soul. This can be a full body treatment or a back only treatment.


The Warm Bamboo massage is perfect for kneading out knots and reaching muscular pain. The heat element melts away stress and tension in the body and the different size bamboo is used to knead and manipulate muscles. This treatment is perfect for clients who like a deeper massage and the pressure can be adapted. This can treat exercise stress injuries or everyday strains from sitting at your desk or bending at shelves and cupboards and will leave you feeling blissful, relaxed and revitalized.


Warm Bamboo sticks and the healing Basalt Stones are used together in this wonderful massage to strip muscles and give the ultimate relaxation.  Release tension and indulge in this soothing session of joy for the body leaving your mind in heaven.   Essential oils are used to further de-stress and allow you to escape to seventh heaven.  Highly recommended!


This ancient massage based on the ayurvedic system of healing applies pressure to acupressure points on the head, upper back, shoulders and upper arms. It releases headaches and tension, promotes hair growth, boosts memory capabilities and brings renewed energy levels promoting our sense of wellbeing. A wonderful treatment that can be done over clothes or using oil on the skin.


This treatment is beneficial to those with digestive and respiratory issues and can help to alleviate muscular pain and trigger point pain. This treatment would also be helpful for those wishing to treat skin conditions, such as cellulite.  The cups give a deeper massage and can be placed in problem areas.  Temporary marks may be left by this treatment this will be discussed in the consultation previous to the treatment.  We offer a full body treatment tailored to your individual needs and our team will have an initial discussion with you regarding this at the start of your session.


The benefit of oncology massage includes, but is not limited to, alleviating pain and muscle relaxation. Our team are IRIS trained and will tailor the session to suit your individual needs and preference.  The power of touch is so important to clients needing muscles nurtured and loved!


Prenatal massage is a wonderful experience and has a host of health benefits for the expectant mother and the growing baby. As your body is changing to accommodate your baby, massage is an excellent way of keeping your circulation and lymphatic drainage systems flowing to ensure mother and baby are getting the important blood flow to the right places. Relaxation is promoted and aches and pains will be soothed from the tired muscles working harder than before.  Have a single session or book a Prenatal package with me.


Relax unwind and release any blockages from your chakra’s with this joyous massage  designed to awaken the body’s energy systems using essential oils and crystals.  Let this soul soothing massage work up and down the body while the crystals and essential oils work each chakra and release any blockages.  Each chakra has an impact on your wellbeing and immune system.  Benefits can be felt in all areas of life with releases restoring equilibrium leaving you revitalized and balanced.


Don’t know what to have?  Why not have a house massage.  This is a mix of Swedish Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage , Hot stones and Cupping.  This fabulous pamper works the full body and gives you pain relief and deep massage but also the relaxing healing Bamboo and Basalt Stones teamed up with an essential oil will soothe your entire body.


Indulge yourself with this Full body pamper to leave you feeling utterly fabulous and rejuvenated.   You will have your back exfoliated followed by a wonderful full body massage using essential oils and warm Bamboo. Gentle facial massage will stimulate blood flow and collagen production under the skin before a soothing face mask will be applied.  A sumptuous scalp massage will follow to release any tension left in the body.  This blissful treatment will leave your skin mind body and soul soothed and rejuvenated.  The ultimate pamper!


This treatment is the ultimate indulgence for your mind body and soul to relax and rejuvenate you leaving your body in a state of bliss and your mind in seventh heaven.  Start with a 25 min infrared sauna to warm the muscles and get you ready for a soothing massage.  You will be enveloped in essential oils and treated with Warm Bamboo Sticks and Basalt Stones to manipulate muscles, relax and heal you with their natural properties.  Crystals will be used to unblock chakras and release the associated stress and tensions in the body’s energy system.  You will have a relaxing foot massage and unwind with the soothing hand massage.  You will have a facial treatment with gentle facial massage and products to deep cleanse the skin followed by a skin soothing mask and a sumptuous scalp massage.  This really is mind body and soul bliss.


This relaxing treatment is for the Hands and feet. This treatment may also be used as therapy for those who suffer from arthritis, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis or scar tissue.


The Infrared Sauna has fantastic health benefits for skin regeneration and anti-aging properties, rapid recovery and revitilisation, supports weight loss and detoxification and is also used for pain relief, skin purification and of course relaxation. Twenty minute sessions are advised with colour therapy or sunlight therapy available. Why not do this with a friend or partner as it has seats for two.


Facials are tailored for your skin type and this maintenance for your skin will nourish and assist renewal of your skin cells and improve skin tone. Your skin will be cleansed with wonderful natural oils to soothe and relax you. Facial massage will assist decrease wrinkles and aids to improve drainage and relieve any congestion. This treatment will relax and de-stress you leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. A mask will be applied and you will receive a wonderful hand, foot and/or head massage. The natural and organic products will speak for themselves and are available to order at Karmic-Wellbeing.


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