weight management

This is a general term as everyone has their own personal weight goal be it losing weight or gaining weight. Weight management does not involve fad diets or pills to lose weight or silly overeating plans to gain weight. We are all very aware of the health implications of being overweight or underweight and in in extreme cases obese and anorexic. Weight management with hypnotherapy involves working from the inside out.

It works well with portion control and binge eating issues. If we can work together to speak to the subconscious it may be protecting you from other issues in life disguised in eating habits, or you may simply be ready to work from the inside out. This can be used as an outright session or as part of a healthy eating and general exercise programme.

I will also have tips available to assist you in your lifestyle to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our session. The first session is the biggest step and you may only require one session! The results from these sessions have been fantastic. You really do get a confidence boost when you get to your desired weight and in turn your well-being is boosted.

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